Attestation manual for a supervisor


Evaluation of a doctoral student's action plan

  1. Princial supervisor is sent a message in ÕIS when their doctoral student has submitted an action plan. 
  2. The principal supervisor must provide an evaluation and a result for the doctoral student's action plan report the latest one week before attestation. If the supervisor has not provided their feedback on time, ÕIS will send a reminder message.  To insert an evaluation and a result, go to "MY DOCTORAL STUDENTS", find the doctoral student you would like to provide evaluation for and in the last column select "Edit".
  3. A view with doctoral student's information and action plan opens. In the "Doctoral student's action plan" table under the semester column select "view". 
  4. The "ACTION PLAN EDITING" view opens. Fill in the following fields: "principal supervisor's evaluation" ja "principal supervisor's grade". "Principal supervisor's evaluation" can also be added as a file (PDF).  "Principal supervisor's grade" is filled in according to scale provided in the academic policies §16 (2). When the details have been inserted, click "Save". 
  5. If there is need for the doctoral student to make changes in the action plan, then fill in the field "comment" and click "back to update". If the doctoral student has made the changes and submitted the action plan again, the principal supervisor will receive a message and the action plan must be evaluated again. 
  6. When the information is entered correctly and ready to be presented click "Submit".