Attestation administration


Granting attestation rights

  1. Dean's office grants attestation rights to employees. To have attestation rights please send an email to
  2. At the dean's office workstation the rights are defined according to the study programme and main speciality.

    NB! If the main speciality is not defined for the study programme, then attestation rights are granted for the whole study programme.

Assessor's manual for preparing an attestation

The time of the next attestation can be set for both autumn and spring semester. For the first semester of a doctoral student the date is set automatically at matriculation. For the rest of the doctoral students the next attestation date is set at the previous attestation. 

  1. With a reasonable excuse the time of attestation can be changed under the view "PhD STUDENTS". Select the student you would like to change the attestation time for and in the last column click "Edit". In the view that opens, change the time by changing the field "The time of the next attestation". 

  2. Before attestation the date of attestation must be set in ÕIS. The date of attestation is set according to a study programme or main speciality.  

  3. When the time of attestation is set, the system will display doctoral students (click "Muuda" to see the list) that will be attested.

  4. The list of doctoral students to be attested must be confirmed before attestation.
    Before confirming make sure the list is correct.

    1. If a doctoral student is on an academic leave, assign a new attestation period (view PhD STUDENTS)

    2. If needed, an additional attestation can be defined before a planned attestation has taken place at the end of autumn semester. For this the employee responsible for attestation changes the attestation time according to the semester.

  5. After signing the report register the report in ÕIS.

Attestation and creating the protocol for attestation committee.

NB! Attestation protocol cannot be created until the evaluation and the result by the doctoral student's supervisor have been inserted.

  1. To create a protocol including a doctoral student to be attested for the attestation committee, select "Edit" in the final column of the table of "PhD STUDENTS" view:
  2. A view to insert doctoral student's attestation results will be open.
  3. When the attestation results are inserted for all of the doctoral students it is possible to print and confirm the protocol.
  4. Once the protocol is confirmed, it must be registered