Doctoral student's 1st semester attestation

  1. For the attestation of first semester a doctoral student must submit their graduation thesis title in estonian, title in english, annotation and CERCS classification.

  2. In addition, they must submit their research plan and literature review. Research plan and literature review can be submitted as PDF files.
  3. Once the required fields are filled, click "Save".
  4. For attestation the action plan of an attestation period must be submitted. Select the semester you would like to fill in the action plan for and click "change". 

    NB! When submitting a file please make sure that the file uploaded opens correctly.
  5. Details can always be saved by clicking "Save".
  6. When all the details have been inserted, the "Esita" button may be clicked and the action plan will be submitted.
  7. After clicking the Submit button, the action plan cannot be changed.   
  8. All the materials must be presented the latest two weeks before the attestation date.